I am a certified Tong Ren therapist

Tong Ren is a form of energy therapy for restoring health and vitality. Tong Ren is based on a belief that disease is related to interruptions, or blockages, in the body's natural flow of chi: a subtle neural bioelectricity. Tong Ren seeks to remove these blockages, restoring the body's natural ability to heal itself, even when illnesses are chronic, debilitating, or otherwise untreatable.

Western medical science includes anatomy, physiology, neurology, biochemistry and cell function in its approach to wellbeing. It appreciates that the health of each organ in the body requires a supply of nutrients, which are mostly transported by circulation of blood, generally under hormonal and other chemical regulation.

Eastern medicine understands that the body requires a continuous supply of an additional form of energy--Chi--to remain healthy. Each organ needs a natural flow of Chi, bio-electrical signals, and blockage of that electrical impulse leads to disease.

At the end of nutritional counseling sessions, for people that are interested, I offer an additional few minutes of Tong Ren energy healing. I see this added treatment as a way to assure that nutrients are optimally used in the body. The mechanism of Tong Ren is elegant, but simple. Both the body and food, are clusters of molecules, with electrons orbiting at their edges. A few minutes of Tong Ren treatment helps synchronize the energy fields of the nutrients and the body so utilization of nutrients is complete.

I tap on an acupuncture teaching figure, a 10" plastic figure, as a way to focus my brain wave energy. As your brain picks up on the signal, your Chi can flow a little better. The communication is through the "sixth sense" we all have.


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