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When you come to see me for nutritional help, our session could go like this:

1. I ask you how I can help you.

2. You answer... (here are some common answers)

  • I want this diabetes to go away
  • Tell me how to eat right
  • I'm not sure anyone can help me
  • I need to lose 100 lbs...
  • I have struggled with weight all my life: I can teach a nutrition course .. but I have to lose some weight...
  • I don't want to live on acid-reflux pills forever. What can I do instead?

3. Usually there is still some new science in the realm of nutrition that can still help your metabolic systems work better, even if you are someone who has read a lot. We discuss the science involved in repairing you.

4. We will develop a food pan that repairs systems in your body.

5. I will likely recommend essential fat, amino acids or vitamins that can also help the repair process for you.

6. I may suggest and offer 5 minutes of Tong Ren energy therapy, an old Chinese treatment modality that gets your healing energy - Chi - flowing a bit better. This helps the energy of your food get in synch with body energy patterns, so your food works better in you.

7. We talk about how motivated and how confident you are feeling about being able to implement the recommended changes to your food style. We talk about how to improve motivation when needed.


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