What I do is Metabolic Therapy

Metabolic Therapy is using foods and nutritional supplements to fix body cells or body systems that are not working as well as they could or should.

Modern medicine frequently provides drugs to reduce symptoms of a disease, but I like to heal the condition when possible, reducing or ending the need for medicine.

Nutrition is about helping you feel better. It is not about the food rules that say, "Don't eat..." It is about repairing you, so your body parts work well.

Some examples: You have arthritis, your joints hurt. They don't hurt because you have a Motrin deficiency. They hurt because you are not repairing the joint surfaces. Do you know what to eat to repair the bones and your joints surfaces?

You doctor says your cholesterol or your triglycerides are high. OK, so you have too much fat in your blood. Why is the fat not moving into your cells and so it can provide you energy? Did you forget to eat your ____ today, so the fat is stuck in your blood? Hint, if there is too much fat in your blood, there's less room for oxygen, you take a breath, but you still feel tired! Let's get the fat moving, you breathing better, and you feeling stronger.

Your blood sugar is high. Diabetes means your sugar is trapped in your blood, and not moving into your cells. Diabetes is not a disease; it is a condition. Notice how everyone goes on diabetes medicines and gains weight? Hmmmm... adult diabetes is usually a fat crisis. Let's fix the problem, so your system can go back to processing sugar, and you get your energy back.

I can say the same things about Crohn's, Colitis and Multiple Sclerosis. The nerve or gut cell repair systems are struggling. They need nutrients!

So when you are thinking about lunch or supper, are you thinking bone repair, nerve repair or colon repair? Why not? Let's try it!

I Want You Feeling Better! You want you feeling better!

I find that Metabolic Therpay, combined with aChinese energy healing modality called Tong Ren, is a dynamic intervention in chronic disease and medical problems.

Let's talk about food and nutrients and repairing you.


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